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Young children who are defiant, aggressive, prone to tantrums


Parent coaching is skills-based and specifically designed to help parents of 3- to 8-year-olds who display challenging behaviors. These kids are smart, stubborn, and strong willed. The good news is that parents can learn to guide their children so these traits can serve them well as adults. However, parenting children with these behaviors is challenging and can feel very frustrating. Parents often report that they're at their wits' end, feel "stuck" and "helpless," and lament the toll that one child's behavior takes on them and on the whole family.

Parent coaching involves teaching you skills to use with your children and coaching you in real time while you interact with your child in my office or in your home. I combine play therapy techniques with specific skills to give you immediate, in-the-moment support. In this way, I can help you navigate how to respond to your child's difficult behaviors.

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